A return to Italy

One of my very first blogs on this site was called Oh to be in Venice! where I recalled my trip to Rome, Florence and Venice. I ultimately ended up proposing to my future wife on the Rialto Bridge on our last night, so the country definitely has a place in my heart.

After finding my lost memory stick containing dozens of finished images, (see my last post The Shadow Man) I found a few more shots from that particular Italian adventure.

Here’s a couple of them now –

Ponte Sant Angelo

Ponte Sant Angelo is the Angel-laden bridge leading up to the magnificent Castel Sant Angelo, made famous by, among other more historical reasons, the Dan Brown book Angels and Demons.

Grand Canal Venice

One of my many dreams was fulfilled the day we boarded a Vaporetto and sailed down the Grand Canal. I’ve never wanted to see something with my own eyes so much, and now that I have been there for myself, I want nothing more than to go back again.

Once did She hold the gorgeous east in fee;
And was the safeguard of the west: the worth
Of Venice did not fall below her birth,
Venice, the eldest Child of Liberty.

William Wordsworth


Check out the rest of my images from my travels to Italy by visiting The Italian Collection on my website.






4 thoughts on “A return to Italy

  1. Beautiful pictures of my home country! I run a more scientific type of blog but you may still want to check it out for some inspiration 🙂

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