Passion in art and photography

Stepping stones of Hartford Northumberland in black and white

Sometimes a photo really isn’t up to much when you first look at it. It’s all too easy to scroll past an image after barely glancing at it, and move onto the next one; leaving it to dwindle and ultimately die on your hard-drive.

I’ve done it myself.

These next two images nearly died. At first glance, I wasn’t too happy with them at all.

Winds and shadows



Both of these images go against a lot of the “rules” of Landscape Photography: they’re shot at a wide aperture; there’s no particular focus subject, only the foreground is in focus, etc etc…

But then I remembered that rules in photography, aren’t really rules at all.

They’re just guidelines.

Not everything in photography has to be done textbook-style, and not everything is set in stone.

Rules can and should be broken, or at the very least, bent. Purists might disagree and tell you that you should always follow the rules because – well, just because.

Don’t listen to them.

If it feels right, and it works for you, then do it.

Photography is a selfish passion in reality; we all want other people to like our art; to say how it moves and inspires them. But deep down in the shadows of our hearts, there’s only one person we should try to impress; only one person we want to fall in love with our art before all others do.


It’s so important to please yourself before all others in any form of art, for the simple fact that people will be able to tell that there is no passion in it. If you don’t love your work, it will effect people’s ability to love it more than if you used f5.6 instead of f8 or f11.

Don’t follow rules just because someone else says that you should.

Follow them when it’s right for you –  and break them when it’s not.








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