Two meteorites, one in Texas, one in Morocco both contain life-forming elements

Storms in the Heavens

This article is from the International Business Times regarding two meteorites that landed on earth in 1998; one in Texas, USA and the other in Morocco, Africa.

The secrets stored inside these two meteorites have stayed hidden for almost 20 years; that is until scientists managed to study the chemical-analysis of the them, determining that they contain hydro-carbons, amino acids, and amongst other things: liquid water.

There is also evidence that the meteorites could have emanated from the dwarf-planet Ceres, according to Planetary Scientist Queenie Chan, as it’s thought the salt crystals covering the two bodies could have been deposited on them from water or ice-spewing volcanoes located on Cere’s surface.

You can find the reported findings which were published in Science Advances here:

Though there is no sign of alien life inside these meteorites, these are still two tremendously important finds. Organic matter and liquid water being…

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