A Horse with no name

Evening all, I apologise for the delay  between posts but I have been incredibly busy being a Dad and a Photographer….. also my dog ate my homework…… and I was abducted by Aliens……


My Fiancee absolutely loves Horses; riding them, feeding them, mucking them out. She loves nothing more than standing ankle deep in wood shavings and Horse poop as Tyco (our Horse) chomps on apples and farts in her face, while simultaneously banging her into the wall of his stable with his head, to which she smiles and cuddles him.

Seeing as we’re a partnership, I love Horses also. However, when it comes time to shovel poop (and whatever else is lurking in the stable), I often find that I’ve suddenly injured myself and need to sit down……whilst grabbing my camera…..

Old Horse Tyco

“Old Horse Tyco”

Tyco is a very old, and grumpy Welsh Cob; very loving (when you feed him)  but very grumpy (when you’re not feeding him). He tends to stay on his own in the field; the younger Horses tend to bother him because he doesn’t like to join in with them. He’s like the male, equine version of Greta Garbo.

I caught him looking forlornly at the setting sun in this image, almost like he was contemplating some terrible decision he would soon face. At first, I merely thought he was hungry. But then I remembered that we hadn’t gone straight to the field to see him when we arrived; we’d headed straight to the stable.

He wasn’t grumpy at all I realised.

He was sad.

He’s not grumpy when he’s not being fed, not at all. He knows that after the food has gone, so will his owner be gone, off to live her life somewhere else only to return the next day for what must seem like only minutes to him.

Not being as passionate about Horses as my Fiancee has pulled a veil over my eyes in a way. I saw Tyco as “just a Horse” or a pet, but she sees him as something completely different, and vice versa. She loves him, and more importantly; he loves her. When I shot this image he was simply missing the woman he loves.

On our way home I asked my Fiancee why Tyco rubs his head on her; he’s quite a big Horse and tends to send her flying when he does it. I presumed it was because he was hungry or just being grumpy. She replied that he does it to show affection and only does it twice a day. When she arrives and when she leaves.

From that moment on, to me, Tyco was no longer just a Horse, or a pet.

He’s just about as human as a Horse can be.




For more Equine images visit my website at https://marcbatesphotography.smugmug.com/Equestrian-Portraiture


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