A couple from Beadnell

Ebb's Nook Beadnell

Hello from sunny Northumberland!

A couple of new images for you to spend your hard earned money on (my kids need MORE shoes apparently).

First up……

The Edge of the Ocean

Edge of the Ocean

This was taken at the edge of “Ebbs Nook”; an outcrop on the coast of Beadnell in Northumberland. It struck me how, at first glance, it looks like this is a shot from atop a hill looking down on a rugged landscape with a huge lake stretching for miles into the horizon. In actual fact, my Nikon was about 4 inches above the rocks!

Maybe it’s just me……


Up next…..

The Wind in the Dunes

The Wind in the Dunes

I nearly, NEARLY shot this in black and white. I was severely tempted. There was the right amount of contrast, the clouds were clearly defined and the light was perfect.

So why didn’t I? Lord knows I shoot a LOT in black and white and I do this because I like to strip away the colours and show you the bare bones of what makes an image; shadow and light.

This image didn’t need stripping back as I feel it’s bare enough as it is. It’s wind-blown grass on a beach with a cloudy sky. That’s it.

And that’s all it needs to be.

See you soon



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