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The Light after Death

The Light after Death
I love nothing more than telling people about my new work so here goes! Both of these images are available to own at
First up is “The Light after Death”, a gloomy, atmospheric shot of the Cemetery in my local town of Cramlington in Northumberland. I envisioned this shot a day previous, but couldn’t wait another month for the full moon to appear to provide some necessary moon beams. Daytime it was then! The way the light was falling was ideally placed to be able to make full use of the shadows in order to contrast the sunlight falling through the trees. Glum, moody and full of tone. Just how a graveyard should be.


Tunnel of Autumn

Tunnel of Autumn
Ah, autumn. A fantastic time of year to capture colour and texture. I know what you’re thinking. “Autumn? It’s bloody Winter!  I thought you said this was new content?!”
Well, it is kind of new as I’ve just added it to my website, however, it got lost in the depths of hell which is my hard drive. So technically speaking…….
This image was shot in Durham, along the banks of the river Wear. For anyone who has been to Durham, you’ll know just how beautiful a place it is, particularly in Autumn when the entire city seems to take on an entirely different look to the rest of the North-east. With the changing colours of the literally thousands of trees in the city, and the enormous Durham Cathedral looming over the skyline, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped onto the set of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t visited Durham before then I implore you to go.
After you’ve visited my site and bought a copy of this image.
Or any other ones that you like.
Hurry up, my kids need new shoes.


Peace and Love

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